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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Electronic Admissions Submission 2018

Student and Parent/Carer Details - Section 1

Please note this form is for Year 7 Admissions Only, For casual in year admissions please contact Kent County Council Admissions Team. PLEASE DO NOT FILL THIS FORM IN UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED A PLACE AT THE SCHOOL.

Step 1 - Please provide the students details


Please note the school will require a copy of your child's birth certificate.

If your child is adopted please indicate below

Step 2 – Please fill in the Parent/Guardian details in order of contact priority. A proof of Address will be required:

The school communicates via both text message and email please tick all the boxes of those who should be contacted (if you are a foster carer please detail the authority and care date):*

If your child is a child in care please detail the authority and care date below:

Please indicate if either parent/carer is serving as a member of HM Armed Forces or served in the last 5 years?*

Emergency and Medical Details - Section 2

Step 1 - Please give full details of additional contacts you wish to be contacted in an emergency and the order of contact, giving at least one alternative contact to the above.

Step 2 – Consent – Should the need arise I give my consent for emergency first aid and/or anaesthetic either on school premises or authorised school trips off site*

If your child suffers from food allergies please fill in the Sodexo supplementary form on this site and send to either or

Step 3 - Please indicate your wishes as to whether your child can see an approved professional i.e. a school nurse
Step 4 - ‘I give permission for a school trained first aider to deal with any in school medical issue, to administer treatment where necessary and to administer prescribed medication should the necessity arise. To also instigate paramedics or any other emergency treatment where necessary’*

Religious Observance and Practising information. - Section 3

Step 1 – Please circle the appropriate religion of your child from the list below:*

*Step 2 – If Roman Catholic please provide the following information.

Ethnicity - Section 4

Step 1 - Please complete the details below if your child was exposed to (did they hear but not necessarily speak) more than one language during their early development at home. (First Language)

Was your child exposed to more than one language?*

Step 2 – If English and another language are spoken within your home, please record both languages.

Step 4 - New students from outside the UK Only **

Transport and Meal Arrangements - Section 5

Step 1 – Please fill in your transport arrangements: (please tick only one)*
Step 2 – Please fill in your meal arrangements: (please tick only one)*
Has your child ever had free school meals in the last 6 years?*

If you have ticked Yes or Not sure there are two ways you can find out.
1. Website (check online)
2. We can check on your behalf , Please contact the school for details.

Previous School Information - Section 6

Does your child have an Education, Health and Care Plan EHCP and/or a Statement*

If you answered yes please fill in our SEN supplementary form and email to or

Do you currently have another child at St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School?*

Consent - Section 7

Publications, Photographs and Websites

From time to time the school may use individual or group photographs and video clips for publicity and advertising. Please tick the appropriate box/boxes below if you do or do not wish your child to appear.*

Sex Education, Careers Advice, Staff Escort

Please inform the school of the following information:

Biometric Cashless System

At St John’s we operate a Biometric Printing and Cashless system for our students this technology does not store any photographic print but associates a barcode to a scanned imprint and is only readable on our system. Once a child leaves St John’s School the print is deleted. If you do not wish for your child to have their scan taken please tick the box below:

Special Test/Mock/Exam Requirements

A copy of this form will be sent to the priority 1 contact email address