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Welcome to our latest school news.

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  • 19/03/20

    Key Worker Information

    Dear Parents/Guardians Following the Prime Minister’s briefing yesterday evening, we are preparing to close the school tomorrow (Friday 20th March) until further notice. However, the government has announced that provision will continue to be made for children of key workers – this is...
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  • 18/03/20

    Covid-19 Update 18.03.2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians Following the Prime Minister’s briefing this evening, as well as the statement in the House of Commons by Gavin Williamson, the Secretary of State for Education, we are hoping to seek further clarification regarding the implications for our school tomorrow. We will ke...
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  • 16/03/20

    Covid-19 Update 17.03.2020

    A new update, regarding Covid-19 has been sent out by the school. This update has been attached below as a letter.
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  • 02/03/20

    Memorial Mosaic & Normandy Memorial Website

    Competition between the 3 ‘Houses’ in the School is vibrant in the School. The Art Super 6 Competition focused on the creation of mosaics using War Memorials as the Theme. Years 7 and 8 students created six mosaics with the Normandy Memorial among the chosen Memorials.
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  • 10/02/20

    Westminster Visit

    Year 13 Politics’ students enjoyed the unique experience of visiting both the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court in mid-January. The annual visit is arranged by Mr Adam Holloway, MP for Gravesham and includes a full guided tour of the Palace of Westminster. With Mr Zeqiri, Head of Poli...
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  • 10/02/20

    Fund Raising for the British Normandy Memorial

    A regular visitor to the school, George Batts landed on Gold Beach on the morning of June 6th, 1944 – s D Day Veteran. Mr Batts was the instigator of what is now under construction in Normandy – a Memorial to the servicemen who lost their lives under British Command during the Normandy C...
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  • 04/02/20

    Sponsored climbing Mt. Snowdon challenge by St. John’s personal award class.

    “As a collective we will be trekking Mount Snowdon as a challenge in order to raise money to provide St. Philomena’s school, located in Kenya, with a library in order for our challenge to be as successful as possible we are asking you to help us raise the funds required, any contribution...
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  • 30/01/20

    Section 48 Inspection

    Our Denominational Inspection has now been completed. We have received the results of the inspection and would like to share it with the parents of our students. It gives us great pleasure to announce that St John’s is officially recognised as an ‘Outstanding Catholic School...
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  • 27/01/20

    Prayer Week 2019

    Key Stage Three students enjoyed Prayer Week in November this academic year. Prayer is a relationship with God, that has many ways of expression. It can be about us talking to God, it can be us listening to God and it can be about us simply being with God. All are important and valuable ways of pray...
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  • 24/01/20

    A Big "Thank You" from St. Philomena's School in Kenya

    A big thank you to St. John’s Comprehensive Catholic school community - staff and students for supporting St Philomena Rising Star Academy in Kenya.  The total amount raised in July 2019 was £2,060.79; your support in the summer greatly boosted St. Philomena’s school to purcha...
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  • 02/12/19

    Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing Award

    St John's Catholic Comprehensive School has been recognised with a Kent School Award for Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing in celebration of the support it offers its young people. The school received the Award from Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Educa...
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  • 02/12/19

    Kent Youth Elections

    he Year 12 Politics’ Group organised the  Kent Youth Elections at the School in mid-November. Of a School population of 1,220 students no less than 1,1,90 cast their vote – quite an impressive turn out! Three St John’s students stood for election to the Kent Youth Parliam...
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