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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Our Governing Body

St. John’s Governing Body works in collaboration with the Headteacher, Head of School and Senior Leadership Team in order to ensure that we provide the best possible education for all our students. All governors are volunteers.

The Governing Body is the school’s accountable body and through our work we:-

*ensure that our vision, ethos and strategic direction are clearly defined and all that the school does is aimed towards achieving them.

*hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and the performance management of the staff.

*oversee the financial performance of St. John’s, making certain that the budget is allocated appropriately and spent in line with our priorities within the School Development Plan and that the principle of best value is observed at all times.

All our governors serve four year terms, apart from the Headteacher who remains a governor for the duration of his (her) employment.

The categories of governor are as follows:

Foundation Governors who are appointed by the Archbishop.  Our role, is to ensure that, whilst carrying out our duties as governors, we have the responsibility of assisting the Archbishop by sustaining and developing the Catholic ethos and distinctive Catholic nature of our school. Foundation Governors are appointed not elected. However like elected governors we serve four year terms, at the end of which the Archbishop will decide whether to reappoint us or not.

Parent Governors who are nominated and elected by the parents of St. John’s

Staff Governors who are nominated and elected by the staff of St. John’s

Local Authority Governor who is appointed by the Local Authority (Kent)

Co-Opted Governor who is a person appointed by the Governing Body and who, in the opinion of the Governing Body, has the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Our governors meet regularly both as a whole body and in smaller teams.

At the six whole governing body meetings we discuss issues that have been debated at the various team meetings, as well as making decisions about a wide variety of matters that impact upon St. John’s. 

The Learning and Development Team consider all aspects of student learning and how best to further it.

Resources Team discusses, and makes decisions regarding, the utilisation of all resources, including staff.

Strategy Team oversees the strategic planning and future direction of St. John’s.

Decisions made by the above teams that have a financial impact are referred to the:

Finance Team who meets to oversee the way in which the school allocates and spends the annual budget.

All data from team meetings is referred to the whole governing body for their consideration, and in some circumstances, voted upon.

In addition to the above we are responsible for staff recruitment and retention, setting targets for student achievement, regulating staff conduct and discipline and drawing up an action plan after an Ofsted inspection.

We also work in pairs, meeting with senior leaders, in order to track the progress of students throughout St. John’s and we have individual governors responsible for all aspects of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), Pupil Premium, Governor Training and Development and Looked After Children.

As well as our formal responsibilities we enjoy attending the wide variety of events that take place throughout the academic year.

Governors are passionate, committed volunteers who seek to act in the best interest of every student at St. John’s.

If you have any questions regarding the working of our governing body, or becoming a governor, please contact either the Clerk to Governors, or me Tony Thomas (Chair of Governors) via the school office.

Governor List 

Mr Anthony Thomas – Foundation Governor

Chair of Governors

Father Innocent Abonyi - Foundation Governor

First appointed June 2013

June 2017-June 2021

Learning and Development Team

Mrs Jacqueline Peach

Vice Chair of Governors

December 2017 - December 2021

Strategy Team, Learning and Development Team

Mark Hannon – Safeguarding Governor

Looked after Children Governor

Child Protection Governor

Governor and Headteacher at St Fidelis School, Bexley

First appointed 2013

February 2017-February 2021

Strategy Team, Learning and Development Team, SIWP

Mr Matt Barron – Headteacher

Strategy Team, Resources Team, Finance Team, Learning & Development, SIWP

Mr Hugh Caufield – Foundation Governor

SEN Governor

October 2015-October 2019 (first appointed 2007)

Strategy Team, Learning and Development Team, SIWP

Ms Susan Ebanks

Clerk to the Governors

Ms Adedolapo Enilolobo - Parent Governor

December 2015-November 2019

Resources Team, Finance Team

Mr Sid Harris – Foundation Governor

August 2014-August 2022 (first appointed 1994)

Resources Team, 

Mrs Monica Lawrence - Foundation Governor

February 2017 - January 2021

Learning and Development Team

Mr Peter Queree – Foundation Governor

August 2014-August 2022 (first appointed 2000)

Strategy Team, Learning and Development Team, SIWP

Father of Parent Governor Mr R Thomas

May 2016-May 2020 (first appointed 2012)

Strategy Team, Finance Team, Resources Team, SIWP

Mr Rhys Thomas – Parent Governor

Son of Foundation Governor Mr A Thomas

November 2013-December 2021 (first appointed)

Strategy Team, Finance Team, SIWP

Mr Michael Walsh - Co-Opted Governor

May 2017 - May 2021

Learning and Development, SIWP

*SIWP = School Improvement Working Party


Fr Abonyi

Full Governing Body                       5/6           

Learning and Development           0/3 

Mr M Barron

Full Governing Body                       6/6

Strategy                                            3/3

Learning and Development           3/3

Finance                                             4/4

Resources                                         4/4

Mr Caufield

Full Governing Body                          3/6

Strategy                                               2/3

Learning and Development              1/3         

Mrs J Clover (appointed May 17)

Full Governing Body                           2/6

Mrs Enilolobo 

Full Governing Body                           3/6

Finance                                                3/4                  

Resources                                           3/4                 

Mr Hannon

Full Governing Body                          4/6

Strategy                                               2/3                  


Mr Harris

Full Governing Body                      2/6

Finance                                            3/4                      Resources                                       3/4         

Mrs M Lawrence

Full Governing Body                      3/6

Learning and Development          1/3

Mr S McCormick

Full Governing Body                      4/6

Finance                                            0/4                  Resources                                       0/4         

Mrs Jacqueline Peach (appointed Dec 17)

Mr P Queree

Full Governing Body                      6/6

Learning and Development         2/3

Mr R Thomas

Full Governing Body                       4/6

Strategy                                            1/3

Finance                                             4/4                   Resources                                        4/4                         

Mr T Thomas

Full Governing Body                       6/6                      Strategy                                            3/3                 Finance                                            4/4                  Resources                                        4/4         

Michael Walsh 

Full Governing Body                        3/6

Learning & Development                2/3

Governors can be contacted via our Clerk of Governors, Ms S Ebanks.  Please email Alternatively please phone our main school number 01474 534718.  If the Clerk is not in school you will need to leave a message.