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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

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St John's Celebrates the life of Pocahontas with the BBC

Our students have had an extremely busy week celebrating the life of Pocahontas, we were lucky to have a visit from a Native American artist who worked with both students from St John's Primary School and our school to showcase the life of Pocahontas who passed away 400 years ago here in Gravesend, the event was also filmed by the BBC as well to be shown on national television in a wider story celebrating her life presented by Tim Muffett from the BBC Breakfast news team...

The students spent their time depicting Native American art and the clothes they would have been wearing at the time of Pocahontas life with Sir John Rolfe and were excited to learn about the history of Gravesend as a major port over 400 years ago. You can see the full BBC News report at the following link