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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Battle of Britain Museum at Capel-le-Ferne

An exploratory tour of the Battle of Britain Museum at Capel-le-Ferne, near Folkestone will be undertaken by 15 year 8 students on November 15th. This is quite a unique opportunity for these students as the visit will include a guided tour of the site, the Memorial, the Monument and Wall as well as the Hurricane and Spitfire on show. The follow up work will focus on 15 Battle of Britain pilots – one being selected by each student. Besides creating a biography, it is intended to start a study by students at St John’s of this important and quite unique battle.

This initial visit will be followed up by another in the New Year when the intention will be to take 15 students of Polish background to the Museum; on this occasion the focus study will be on the Polish contribution during the Battle of Britain and again each student will focus in particular on a Polish pilot who fought in the Battle. In addition to creating the biography the intention is to have this biography in two languages – English and Polish. Thus it is not simply a study of the history of the Battle but also one of improving language skills and identity and integration.

It is intended that the work will be presented to the Polish Embassy as the work that may be done in schools to show how the Royal Air Force was comprised at this important time in our island history.

Any parents who may have an interest in the Battle or who has any information or who can assist with this unique project should contact the History Department.