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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

A-Level Sociology

Subject Sociology
Exam Board AQA
Qualifications A Level
Specification Click Here
Order of Units

Year 1: Education, Research Methods and Families. 

Year 2: Crime and Deviance, Belief in Society and Theory & Methods 

Suggested Resources

S-Cool     Excellent for revision. Lots of essay-style questions to practice and chapter summaries which are helpful for recapping. 

Sociology Revise    Another great revision site that provides lots of helpful resources for students, such as revision cards, maps and diagrams. 

Rachael’s Sociology    A home-made site, but still contains a lot of useful resources (mostly in Word format). Concentrates mainly on crime and education. 

Sociology Online    A site that is less formal and contains lots of facts, quizzes and crosswords to aid sociology revision 

Get Revising    Although not sociological-specific, and it takes a minute to subscribe, this site is really good if you want to create your own revision resources, eg. cards, timetables. 

Expected Homework Hours Per Week

3 hours of independent work per week. 

Learning Platforms Used Show my homework and TEAMS 
Submission of Bridging Work Please send your completed bridging packs to: