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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

A-Level History

Course Details

It would be great to know what could happen before we make an important decision wouldn’t it? Well, studying history can help us do this on a big scale.

By analysing past events we learn about the consequences of people’s actions, from Kings and Queens to the London baker who forgot to put his fire out on September 2nd, 1666. If we apply this knowledge to the present, governments, businesses and individuals can learn lessons from past mistakes or successes and make informed choices about their futures.

In history we study lots of different sources and learn that events are often the result of complex and multiple factors. It’s never as simple as person A whacking person B over the head and starting a war. Politics, communication, beliefs, misunderstandings and even the environment can shape the way things turn out.

At St John’s you will study such diverse topics as the Reformation in England, Luther and the Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA; you will also have the opportunity of a personal study of your choice.

Modules Studied

Year 12: A Level Year One

Units 1 and 2.

Unit 1 - Paper 1B: England, 1509–1603: authority, nation, and religion

Unit 2 – Paper 2B.1: Luther and the German Reformation, c.1515–55

Year 13: A Level History Year Two

Units 3 and 4.

Unit 3 – Paper 3.3 Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA, C1850-2009.


Coursework unit.

What can I do after I have completed this course?

This course is a facilitating subject for many degree courses at universities including those within the Russell Group.