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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

A-Level Philosophy & Ethics

Course Details

Philosophy and Ethics provides an authentic insight into the meaning of existence and moral questions. This course provides students with the exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of philosophy of religion and ethical issues.

This course challenges students to reflect critically on their own experiences and values.  It enables them to reflect in a philosophical manner in discussions and debates.

Philosophy and Ethics course provides skills for the future. This course uniquely equips students with critical writing skills and enables students to acquire skills that prepares them extremely well for higher education.

Modules Studied

OCR’s A level Philosophy and Ethics (Religious Studies),

Students will study three components that are externally assessed:  each unit is 33% of the marks, these are

• Philosophy of religion (01)

• Religion and ethics (02)

• Developments in religious thought Christianity (03)

What can I do after I have completed this course?

Future choices and Career Options: Contrary to the general misconception that the only career open to a student of Religious Studies is the priesthood, there are many career pathways that are open to you. The top careers are:

  • Any leadership role is served well by the way philosophy shapes your sharp, critical edge and metacognition
  • Advertising
  • Archivist (Museums and Libraries)
  • Charity work
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Politics / Civil Service
  • Media (journalism)
  • Medicine
  • Publishing
  • Social / Public services
  • Teaching
  • Roles in religious spheres of life
  • Become the next Plato or Hypatia!