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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Arrangements for Year 7 Admissions 2018/19/20

The information below explains how parents or carers can apply for a place for their child at St John's Catholic Comprehensive School for September 2020 and consecutive years. (Dates will be amended as we receive them from the county council) 

1. Application Form for Admission to the School 

1.1 The admission process is completed via the local education authorities website at the following link and should be completed by October 31st, 2019, Please note applications do not open until 4th September 2019.

1.2 On receipt of completed form, you will be given a unique reference number by the council as well as a copy of the information you have provided by email.

2. Supplementary Form for Admission to the School

2.1 in addition to the application website form you will also need to complete a supplementary form, titled as "St John's Supplementary Form" this form is available directly from this website by clicking the following link and should be completed by November 8th, 2019, Please note applications do not open until 4th September 2019.

3. Offer of Places

3.1 Parents will receive an offer of a place from the local education authority from the 1 March 2020 (or the next working day following 1 March).

3.2 St Johns Catholic Comprehensive School may also write to you at this point asking you to confirm your acceptance if you have been offered a place and giving you details of the Appeal Process if a place has not been offered.

3.3 Parents should submit an Appeal within 20 school days of receipt of the letter notifying them of the outcome of their application.

3.4 You will then be asked to complete an admissions pack, this can be downloaded from our supplementary forms section here, or you can try our new online admission pack, don't forget you will still need to provide both a proof of address to the school and a copy of your child's birth certificate.

4. Late Applications

4.1 SCAF Forms returned to the Local Authority on or after 1 November 2019 will be dealt with after places have been allocated on 1 March 2020. However, children may also be asked to visit the school as well for an entrance interview.

5. Fair Access (SEND) 

5.1 The parents of children who have a special educational need which requires special consideration need to complete our special educational needs form, and the school will then contact them to make appropriate arrangements for their child's education. You can view our SEND policy here.

6. Admission Policy

You can view the school's admissions policy at the following link.