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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

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Care & Support

At St John's we believe in providing the best possible support for our students and parents and that's why each year group has its own dedicated member of Pastoral Support who will be available during school hours to assist your son or daughter with any queries or issues they may experience.

As an example should your child need to ring home they can visit the Pastoral Support member to do so.

Our Pastoral Managers will also deal with any school behaviour issues in conjunction with our Year Leaders so that you always have someone to contact should you need to report a problem at school that you feel needs to be addressed.

Our Pastoral Managers for each Year Group are as follows:

Year Group Pastoral Manager
7 Mrs L Hodges
8 Miss G Ebose
9 Mrs L Buckingham

Mrs H Rooke

11 Mrs J Murray
12 and 13 Mrs L Watson