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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Design Technology

Curriculum Intent

We believe that technology is the future to our student’s world.

Our vision it to prepare our students for the world of the future and embed knowledge and skills to progress and excel each student to the next stage in their pathway. We give the students the opportunities to discover the processes behind how a product is made. From research, to developing a design, to the manufacture of a product; give the student experiences with tools and machinery. We explore new technologies and software with CAD/CAM. Students learn and develop skills by turn 2D sketches into 3D models with this technology broadening their knowledge and support their futures with changing technologies.

With the engaging and practical lessons students are given the opportunity to be innovative, creative and unique. We are passionate about giving every students the chance to show their own culture to the wider community and we are inclusive to all our student’s needs, including VI, HI and SEND students, give them experiences they other-wise may not be able to access. This build student’s confidence and preparing them for the potential career opportunities. We give our students time to grown and learn as individuals giving them skills which can be transferable to school life and beyond. Problem solving, logic, risk taking, and confidence are a few key features of the success of our students.

Design Technology gives our students a vast number of cross-curricular subjects to inter-link with, including Maths, Science, ICT, Art and Geography, discovering and deepening the students’ knowledge to the wider school.

Within KS3 we use the National Curriculum to support the development and underpinning the knowledge for our students to succeed at KS4. Students engage with timber, electronics, polymers and experience sketching and technical drawing skills. Students are taught the safe use of traditional tools and the workings of CNC machines like our laser cutter and 3D printers, developing the students enthusiasm for technology and providing the skills and knowledge to excel their futures.

With our extremely broad curriculum after KS3 from enrichment classes, level 1, level2, GCSE, level 3 and A Level the students can select a pathway tailored to their needs and potential careers. Within each course students are encouraged to deepen their passion, problem solving, innovative characters, consider service to others and the needs of others. Students discover the real-world experience such as changing the oil and a wheel on a car with our Automotive Studies Level 1 course to Level 2 Engineering who disassemble products and replace parts with extreme precision, building their understanding of tolerance and practical skills. For GCSE students gain a comprehensive knowledge of materials, processes and demonstrate to a future employer they can problems solve and think outside the box with the creation of a portfolio and manufacture a product from a design brief as well has partake in a traditional exam.

With the knowledge and skills from KS4 our KS5 students can specialise in Product Design or three levels of Engineering. With specialist teachers our students

We want Excellent for All for our students and we are committed to give the next generation of designers and engineers the opportunities to flourish and excel in their futures.