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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School


Curriculum Intent

Within English, our intention is to promote and encourage a love of language and literature. We aim to give a varied and informed understanding of different aspects of societies and cultures. In our text choices we select a range of challenging and insightful texts to promote student discussion and debate, using literature as a pathway to explore different points of view. English is a core requirement for future pathways, such as college, university, apprenticeships, and beyond. We strive to ensure that all of our students, regardless of background and ability undergo a holistic experience within our subject.

English is an overarching medium that creates cohesion between all subjects, linking the skills of reading, writing, presentation, analysis, problem solving, deep-thinking; all of which are crucial for future success. We ensure that we fulfil curriculum requirements, preparing students for their subsequent endeavours, including experience of mock interviews and writing curriculum vitae. This prepares them for entering society with confidence, articulation and ability to express oneself.

At KS3 we build the topic foundations and knowledge to allow students in KS4 and KS5 to access core texts that meet the standards of the curriculum. We explore differing conventions of genre, wider context and personal experience to establish how writers shape their meanings through their language choice and why they do so. We teach this through a range of literary texts and forms, such as poetry, novels, plays and non-fiction texts. We actively encourage students to debate, discuss and create based on the knowledge gained. This naturally leads into KS4 in which we introduce a structured approach to analysing texts comparatively, giving a deeper understanding as to the reasoning behind writer’s methods and how respective viewpoints change as society progresses. Ergo, at KS5 we foster independent and cooperative learning, critical thinking, and the study of the wider literary cannon. We expect KS5 students to develop an awareness of themselves as literary critics alongside other critical interpretations where their opinions are valid and respected by their peers.