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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Extended Project

Course Details

This is an exciting qualification that puts you in control, giving you the chance to explore something that really interests you. You can select a project topic title, which expands your learning in another subject or one that is relevant to your own personal interests.  It is worth half an A-Level that will earn you extra UCAS points and teach you the independent learning skills that are valued by universities and employers.

Modules Studied

Grade UCAS Points Equivalence

  • A* – 28 points
  • A – 24 points
  • B – 20 points
  • C – 16 points
  • D – 12 points
  • E – 8 points

The extended project has no exams, just coursework, so if you’re self-motivated and enjoy working independently – whether in a practical way, like designing or performing, or researching, investigating, and writing – then the Extended Project is for you. You can:

  • Learn more about something that interests you
  • Investigate a controversial topic
  • Expand your knowledge of one of your AS or GCE subjects
  • Gain practical skills that will help you in higher education and the workplace

For the Extended Project, there are four types of Project to pick from:

  • Write a dissertation
  • Produce an artefact, like a sculpture, model, or DVD
  • Develop and showcase a performance (sport, drama, or music)
  • Conduct an investigation/field study
  • Below are the titles of some Projects that students have already completed.


  • Why do some teenagers smoke?
  • Can you believe in God and the Big Bang?
  • Should children be forced to exercise?


  • Is WiFi safe?
  • Do violent computer games contribute to antisocial behaviour?
  • Do government health campaigns affect levels of binge drinking?