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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

FAQ's about Sixth Form Dress Code

Q: Some of these clothes look expensive. What if I can’t afford them?

A: With budget retailers and supermarkets (e.g. Primark, Matalan, George at Asda, Tesco etc.) now so prevalent in the clothing market, putting together a modest wardrobe for school should cost no more than for a school uniform. Depending on your parent/carers personal circumstances, you may be eligible for bursary payments which means the school could help you with the cost of buying clothing for school. If you think you might be eligible, then speak in confidence with  Mr Cadwallader or Mrs Chambers

Q: So, what happens if I break the dress code?

A: Form Tutors will be checking dress code every day. It is at their discretion as to what action will be taken should you break it in any way. If you arrive for school dressed completely appropriately, it is likely that you will be sent home to get changed. A minor indiscretion is likely to result in a ‘quiet word’ and an expectation set that you will put right the infringement for the next school day. Persistent failure to adhere to the dress code will be considered as defiance of the Head  of Sixth Form’s instructions and sanctions that will follow might include detentions, internal and fixed-term exclusions and ultimately, removal from the Sixth Form.

Q: Can the school really remove someone from the Sixth Form just for not following the dress code?

A: As a last resort , when an individual as persistently refused to comply with the school’s rules despite a number of ‘chances’, then with some regret, yes.  Sixth Form students should be reminded that education beyond the age of 16 is not compulsory in England and as a result they are actively choosing to both continue their education and in turn, to do this at St John’s. In other words, you do not  legally need to be in school and similarly the school has no legal obligation to keep you in school. By virtue of accepting a place in our Sixth Form, students are agreeing to follow any rules and guidelines that are set out in terms of their behaviour and conduct; this includes the Dress Code. Most school Sixth Forms will have a similar dress code. If you are looking for a more relaxed approach in terms of dress, a college is perhaps more appropriate for  you.

Q: How can these be jeans? They’re not blue.

A: For the sake of clarity, jeans are considered to be a trouser , worn by men or women made of any material in any colour  that feature the some or all of the following:

· 5 pockets  (including front coin/watch pocket)

· 2 rear ‘patch’ pockets

· Metal or plastic rivets at points of strain around the pocket areas.

Q: Why are these leggings and not trousers?

A: Legging are a skin tight garment  for casual wear that covers the legs and may be worn by both men and women. Leggings are typically made from a blend of lycra , nylon, cotton, or polyester blend. Unlike tailored trousers, leggings are less likely to feature seams or pockets. Leggings are not suitable for school due to their casual nature.

Q: How can I easily always get the dress code right?

A: Simple! Dress as if you were going to work in an office and not for the beach or a nightclub.