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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School


Q) Does my child have to be Catholic to get a place at St John’s sixth form?

A) No – we are proud to be a diverse and inclusive school. On average, around 40% of St John’s pupils are Catholic, with the other 60% of students being from a wide range of faiths.

Q) How do we apply for a sixth form place?

A) To apply for a place at St John’s parents must: -

  • Apply through Kent Choices. Students will receive their usernames and passwords through their current school.

Q) I really want my child to go to St John’s but I am worried that they won’t get in. What can I do to maximise the chances of my child being accepted?

A) In recent years, whilst we have been over-subscribed with ‘first choice’ applications, every child has been successfully offered a place where: -

  • St John’s has been identified as ‘first choice’ on their application through the website
  • the child has fallen into at least one of the categories 1 – 6 of our Admissions criteria
  • the KentChoices application and supplementary form have been accurately submitted by the deadline of when applications close. 

N.B. Whilst our Sixth Form exists primarily to provide post-16 studies for students currently in Year 11 at our school (on the understanding that they indicate St John’s School as their first choice), the school is also happy to admit external applicants into Years 12 and/or 13.  In September 2023, the Governing Body have set their intention to admit a maximum of 150 (including a minimum of 30 external) applicants.  It should be noted that admission to the Sixth Form will only be considered if the student’s level of attainment is suitable for the proposed course of study. 

Q) How will I know if I/my child has been offered a sixth form space in the school?

All students who have applied through KentChoices and has had a successful interview and reference, will be given a conditional offer*. In order to guarantee the place, students must accept the offer and fill out the formal application and enrolment form by the August deadline.

*Please be aware, that acceptance onto courses is dependent on students meeting the entry requirements for the course. Students must familiarise themselves with these through the course directories and choose courses that reflect their ability and predicted GCSE results.

Q) Can I resit GCSEs in Sixth Form?

Only resit GCSE Mathematics and English Language is offered in the sixth form and students who do not gain a Level 4 (Pass) in these subjects will need to study these. Students who do not achieve a Level 4 in Mathematics and English are likely to qualify for our 3-year Foundation Programme at this stage.

Q) What other subjects do I need to study in Sixth Form?

Students need to choose at least three subjects from different option blocks. Occasionally, some students will choose four but that will be subject to GCSE results. Students in both Year 12 and 13 also study PSHE and RE and Year 12 students follow an enrichment programme over the year on a carousel system. These enrichment subjects are: Finance, Home Improvement, Food & Nutrition, Physical Education, Fitness & Lifestyle, Sports Leadership, Study, Employment Skills and the Extended Project.

Q) What are the requirements for independent study

Successful students study independently for at least 5 hours per week, per subject. This can be completed in study time or at home after lessons. This is in addition to lesson time.

If you have a question that isn’t included in the above FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Amy Chambers, who will happily answer your query.