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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

FAQs - St John’s Admissions for September 2023

Q) Does my child have to be Catholic to get a place at St John’s?

A) No. We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive school. On average, around 40% of St John’s pupils are Catholic, with the remaining 60% of students being from a wide range of other faiths.

Q) How do we apply?

A) To apply for a place at St John’s parents must: -

  • Complete the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF) through the Kent Admissions website (Kent Online Admissions) by midnight on the evening of Monday 2nd November 2020


  • Complete and return our Supplementary Form to our reception by Friday 13th November 2020

Q) Why do we need to complete a Supplementary Form?

A) In the event of our school being over-subscribed with ‘first choice’ applications (N.B. we have been heavily over-subscribed with first choice applications in recent years), and in line with our Admissions Policy, your completed supplementary form (as long as it has been received by the Friday 13th November deadline) will enable us to accurately apply our over-subscription criteria.

Q) What if our supplementary form is late?

A) In line with our Admissions policy, if we receive your supplementary form after the Friday 13th November deadline, your child will be ranked as a ‘Category 7’ application.

Q) Do I need a priest/vicar’s signature this year?

A) As a result of the pandemic, if your child meets the criteria for ‘Category 2’ or for ‘Category 5’ students, we will just need a copy of the baptismal/christening certificate as evidence of Catholic or Church of England faith, alongside the completed supplementary form.

Q) I really want my child to go to St John’s but I am worried that they won’t get in. What can I do to maximise the chances of my child being accepted?

A) In recent years, whilst we have been over-subscribed with ‘first choice’ applications, every child has been successfully offered a place where: -

  • St John’s has been identified as ‘first choice’ on the Kent application form
  • the child has fallen into at least one of the categories 1 – 6 of our Admissions criteria
  • the KCC online application and supplementary form have been accurately submitted by the deadline 

N.B. At this stage, we are, of course, not in a position to predict how many applications will be made to St John’s for this year, however, satisfying the above bullet points will maximise your chances of your child being offered a place at our school.

If you have a question that isn’t included in the above FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Lisa Hodges who will happily answer your query.