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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

General Information

There is a lot of information that we can give you! Instead, I would like to focus on the main areas which are addressed in primary visits and our parents’ evening. If you would like any other information, please do contact the school. Have a look at our closure newsletters to get a feel for our school community.

You will shortly receive a welcome email with a password/login for our admissions platform. If you have not received this by Friday 13th May, please contact the school. Can we please ask that this be completed by the 26th May. Ensure that this is completed in its entirety, so that we can get students enrolled efficiently when they are able to start to attend school.

We have posted a welcome pack to all new students joining us in September. Within this pack you will find an allergy form that MUST be completed if your child has an allergy. This can be returned to the school in person, or via post, for the attention of the admissions officer. We will not be able to serve students food in school unless this has been filled in.

At St John’s we operate a Biometric Printing and Cashless system for our students. This technology does not store any photographic print but associates a barcode to a scanned imprint and is only readable on our system. Once a child leaves St John’s School, the print is deleted. This consent MUST be filled in otherwise we will not be able to do this in September. This can be found within the permission section of the online admissions form.

Check out our closure newsletters to get a feel for our school community, click HERE