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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Getting Around Our School

In this section you will start to learn about the logistics of our school. We have included a video tour, so you are able to walk through the school with me.

One of the biggest concerns I have voiced every year is about the size of the school compared with many primary schools. Luckily, St. John’s is very easy to navigate. Yes, it will feel a little like walking into an airport, but once you have spent a few days in the school you will know your way around.

Currently the school is having to reorganise areas and conduct regular deep cleans. You will notice this as the video tours you around the school. Our sports hall is setup for socially distanced learning with our Year 10 cohort, and our Art Loft is currently being used for Year 12 students. The East Plaza, which is usually an outdoor play area, is currently having new classrooms built on ready for your arrival in September. Please excuse these aspects of the video and focus on the actual map of the school. This will hopefully help you for when you start.

Below you will see a typical Year 7 timetable. Subject to further announcements from the government, you will see something very similar in September. You will notice there are 8 sessions in a day with a tutor period in the morning. You will see in the video that Ambrose House is where we will be based in the mornings. Each lesson details the subject, room, and teacher. There are 3 large House areas and they are all laid out the same. The letter in front of the number tells you which House the room is in: A for Ambrose (blue), C for Clare (Purple) and P for Patrick (green). You will stick your timetable into your school diary during your very first form session. One of the joys of the first week with Year 7 is seeing all the students with their planners open, working out their way around the school. I sincerely hope it is a sight we see this year very early on in September!

The structure and timings of the day are below. You will have noticed on the timetable that some lessons are ‘double’ lessons and therefore are twice as long. Your core lessons are split across the week and for the first two years of St. John’s you get the opportunity to study across 16 different subjects! You need to work hard from the beginning, as you will be choosing some option subjects in Year 8 to study in more detail, right from the start of Year 9.

At St. John’s we release an extra-curricular timetable every term. You will be able to access many different activities afterschool and potentially at lunches/breaks as well. Below is a sample so you can see how busy you will be afterschool as well. I strongly encourage participation in a club whilst you attend St. John’s. These are not just sporting activities; you may want to spend more time on homework in one of our computer rooms or learn how to play the guitar in a Music club!

Finally, I have included some maps below. You can use the timetable to try and find the rooms along with following the video to see if you can trace the route I am taking through the school.

You can download these resources HERE.