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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School


The following section I have taken form the student diary. We have a very high standard of uniform at St. John’s.

A smart appearance is important, and extremes of fashion are to be avoided.

Overcoats and other outdoor items must not be worn inside the school building.

Haircuts and hairstyles must be of a conservative style and of uniform length. The following are not acceptable:

Boys- Hair must be clean, tidy and of moderate length. This means above the collar, not covering the eyes, eyebrows, or face and not excessively short, i.e. extremes are not acceptable, which includes long fringes. Naturally curly or similar types of hair must also be of moderate length. Although such hair may not be below collar length, it should not be more than 5cm long. Excessive facial hair is also not allowed; this includes moustaches, beards, and excessive sideburns (except for religious reasons). Eyebrows must not be shaved.

Girls- NO NAIL VARNISH OR JEWELLERY MAY BE WORN except a watch and a single pair of small, discreet studs. These should be worn as one earring per ear lobe only and must be removed for PE lessons. Body piercing, other than for ear studs, is not acceptable. Ear stretchers are not allowed. Discreet make-up (thin mascara, light foundation but not lipstick, eye liner or eye shadow) may be worn.

Hair styles should not be extreme and should be appropriate for a school working environment and hair colouring should be natural and discreet.

On Health & Safety grounds, nails should be appropriately trimmed. False nails are not allowed under any circumstances. Nail varnish is not permitted. No aerosol sprays of any description should be used in school, as they can trigger asthma attacks in some of our students.

Any student whose haircut, hairstyle or general appearance is, in the opinion of the Headteacher unacceptable, will not be admitted to the school and will remain at home until the issue has been resolved to the Head of School’s satisfaction.

Body piercings and tattoos are not accepted at school. Earrings are not accepted for boys.