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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School


You will have all been placed in a House and should have received my welcome letter through the post. If you haven’t, please contact the school. There are three Houses at St. John’s: St. Patrick, St. Ambrose, or St. Clare. You will have a House leader who will meet with you once a term to update you on how your House Is progressing and inform you of your super six events. These include:

  • Term 1: Art competition
  • Term 2: Pantomime
  • Term 3: Music competition
  • Term 4: The Big Quiz
  • Term 5: Public Speaking
  • Term 6: Sports Day


As you know, your good and bad comments go towards you House totals, as well as your individual totals.


Please note that Houses play a small part when it comes to your classes. I have many enquiries regarding swapping Houses, as friends coming from primary are in a different House. The only aspect of class your House dictates is your form, which is only 20 minutes at the beginning of each day. The rest of your classes are mixed Houses and you may well be in the same class as your friends. You will still have all your lunches and breaks together. If you already have a brother/sister in school, you will be assigned to the same House as them!