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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

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Lost Property

Like adults it’s not uncommon for students to misplace things while at school and for these to end up in our lost property system. We ask our students to retrace their steps when looking for misplaced items first, then proceed to their pastoral managers and student’s services as their next port of call.

To aid the school in verifying ownership of items we ask that parents clearly label both devices such as mobile phones, house keys and school uniform appropriately. The school is unable to accept any responsibility for items that are lost on-site at school but will always try to assist in locating items where possible.

Pastoral Support

Students should
visit here first

Student Support

Secondly students
should visit here


Parents can
contact reception

Unclaimed items

Sadly, the school is unable to hold items indefinitely and should an item not be claimed by the end of a school term the items will be cleared from the school and gifted to charity.