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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Maths Transition Assignments

Post-16 Transition Work for Year 11

Greetings, and welcome to A level mathematics. Many students can find the transition from GCSE to A level quite challenging and given the extended gap this year until the start of your studies it is even more important that those who intend to do A level mathematics use the time between now until then to get a head start in their future studies.

This is a good time for you to be developing additional skills and knowledge to prepare yourself for A level mathematics. It is a challenging course but a strong base understanding in certain key GCSE topics and an ability to take them to a slightly higher level with certainly make the transition easier. To make this easier for you, we have put together some key topics that will help you to transition from GSCE to GCE mathematics.

How does it work:

·                You can download set of work sheets which help you to study these key topics with worked examples followed by questions for you to practice.

·                Some of the questions you can self-marked but others will have to be sent to a designated teacher (email address below) who will mark them and give you feedback.

·                You should aim to complete 2 topics in a week, worksheet without answers you are to submit to the email address below for marking and feedback. Equally you can email with any questions or for support you may need.

 Below are the topics to download and complete.

1.                  Expanding brackets and simplifying expressions

2.                  Surds

3.                  Rules of Indices

4.                  Factorizing Expressions

5.                  Completing the square

6.                  Solving quadratics equations

7.                  Sketching quadratics graphs

8.                  Linear inequalities

9.                  Quadratics inequalities

10.              Solving linear simultaneous equations

11.              Solving linear and quadratics simultaneous equations

12.              Straight line graphs

13.              Parallel and perpendicular lines

14.              Trigonometry

For support and submission of work please contact Mr Rathore -


To further support your preparations we would recommend the following links, it is by no means an exhaustive list but a good starting point


·                CGP Book – A head start to A level maths is free on amazon (at the moment ) as a kindle ebook

·                The AMSP website is offering weekly resources to bridge the GCSE / A level gap.

·                The Pearson website has the A level Specification  and the A/S Specification which show you the course content and the Formula booklet you will use in the exam.

·                Other weblinks you may find to be useful are Hegarty maths videos and


Another key aspect of your  transition to A level is to develop your independent study & research skills so to aid you with this we would ask you to research the ‘Large data set’ aspect of the course. You will find information about this on the Pearson website and within the specifications. As the name suggests it is a large amount of data that you need to be familiar with to be able to answer some questions in the statistics module. Please use the information you find on the Pearson website and any other sources (Crash maths website may be useful) to write a research paper on the information in the large data and what you should know about it before the exam. Please contact Mr Rathore by email should you have any questions or wish to get feedback on any work in progress.