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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

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Curriculum Intent

The departmental vision is to develop each student as, not only a well-rounded skilled musician, but also but also as a member of society who is able to collaborate and build relationships with others. We hope to achieve this by offering a range of activities from KS3 – KS5 that allow collaboration, problem solving, decision making, and leadership. Our aim is to prepare students for university and careers not only in Music but in a range of sectors. Through performing, composing, and appraising music from a range of cultures and styles, we hope to develop a confidence, awareness, tolerance, kindness, and creativity that will hopefully stay with the students many years after they leave St John’s.

Music aims to offer a wide range of activities both in the classroom and afterschool to give students the best chance of achieving their potential as a musician and well-rounded individual. Through working one-to-one with students, we hope to gain an insight into what they would like to gain from their time at St John’s and give them the best experience possible.

During KS3 and KS4, students cumulatively build the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at GCSE and progress to further Music courses and / or future employment. The curriculum we currently offer is modelled on practical music making and allowing individual to be creative. At KS3 students receive instrumental lessons on percussion and guitar to build their technical skills that can lead to BTEC Music, or GCSE. They also study a range of musical elements, styles, and cultures from around the world. This not only leads them to the GCSE and BTEC topics, but it also builds an awareness of how other cultures live. Carefully embedded practical opportunities across all key stages encourage students to nurture their individual and collaboratives skills and allow them to develop skills and characteristics such as leadership, creativity, compromise, pro-activity, and confidence. The skills and knowledge that students develop in year 7 – 11 allow them to access Music at KS5. The course we offer at KS5 allows students to collaborate and create music to a deeper level of understanding. Students are encouraged to collaborate as much as possible, not only musically, but also as a pro-active member of a team, organising rehearsals, concerts, and meetings on a regular basis. We also assist students with their university applications and auditions in year 13, ensuring that students know what their options are and can have the best possible opportunities to succeed in their chosen career.