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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Physical Education

Curriculum Intent

As a department, we recognise the influence PE can have on making a positive impact on students physical, mental and social health.  Therefore, it is our vision for every child to understand the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle beyond their years at St John’s.

The intent of our PE curriculum is to develop the whole student, not just their physical ability but also to improve their health and fitness and to cultivate their social and cognitive skills.  We see PE as an excellent vehicle for developing these fundamental life skills that will be vital to their success along their future pathways, be that apprenticeships, university or beyond.  We strive to do this by providing our pupils with fun and engaging PE lessons that are challenging, enjoyable and accessible to all through offering opportunities to participate, lead, coach and officiate.

Through our teaching of PE, and our extensive extra-curricular programme, we instil our school ethos of Excellence for All, Service to Others and Inspired by Christ and we pride ourselves on a curriculum that is inclusive for all.  We also have a central role to play in enhancing core skills such as a growth mind-set, resilience, problem solving and discipline which are critical for success across all subjects and Key Stages.

The expertise amongst the department allows us to fulfil Nation Curriculum requirements by covering a range of sports and activities in KS3 that allows students to build knowledge and experience that will let them access qualifications across KS4 and KS5.  By exposing students to performance and leadership roles in striking and fielding, invasion and maximum performance games/competitions in KS3, they can go on to be successful the wide range of qualifications we offer, from Sports Leaders through the A Level PE.