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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

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Sixth Form

Welcome to our Sixth Form!

Congratulations on securing your place at St John’s Sixth Form! We are very much looking forward to working with you during your time with us and supporting you in achieving your level 3 qualifications. Life in our sixth form is centred around helping you to become the very best version of yourself as you begin to prepare for adult life. It is our aim to provide you with the necessary opportunities, advice and guidance to aid your development as a person, whilst also doing all we can to help you achieve your academic potential so that you can access your chosen post-school pathway; whether that is in further education, an apprenticeship or employment.  

We have very high expectations for those students who attend our Sixth Form, as we see them as role models for not only our younger students in the school, but when promoting our school in the wider community. Students at St John’s should aspire to embody the Catholic Ethos of the school on a daily basis, and promote ‘Service to Others’ through charitable works and supporting the local community. We also expect students to prepare for adult life by closely adhering to our standards relating to attendance, punctuality, conduct and self-presentation, in addition to following the Sixth Form Code of Conduct. 

Throughout your time in our Sixth Form, we will encourage you to work with members of St John’s staff across the school and provide you with the opportunity to hold positions of responsibility. Showing that you are able to demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills are important as you prepare for your post-18 options and it will also allow you to develop and gain even more skills such as communication, mentoring and public speaking. However, whilst working hard on your studies and showing professionalism in your responsibilities, we appreciate that social development is also important and therefore every Sixth Form student will have the opportunity to participate in our enrichment programme. 

We are absolutely delighted that you have chosen to complete the next stage of your education with us at St John’s, and we look forward to seeing your progression, success and achievements over the next two years.

Sixth Form Team

 Mrs Ainscow (Assistant Headteacher - Key Stage 5 Leader)

 Mrs Smith (Head of Year 12 & 13)

 Miss Burton (Assistant Head of Year 12 & 13)

 Mr Cadwallader (6th Form Pastoral Manager)

 Mrs Chambers (6th Form Attendance Manager)