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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

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Staff List

 For specific enquiries, please contact the appropriate Year Leader or Department Leader via their email address, as listed below. Queries regarding the Business and Computing Departments are to be sent to:

For all other enquiries please email the office at:

School Headship Team

Mr M Barron Headteacher
Mr D Walton Associate Headteacher (Curriculum & Pupil Progress)
Mr M O'Shea Senior Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)
Senior Leadership Team  
Mrs O Kelham Senior Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding & Child Protection)
Mrs L Ainscow Assistant Headteacher (Vocational Studies)
Mr S Atkinson Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 4 Leader)
Mr A Rowlinson Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 5 Leader)
Mr B Smith  
Assistant Headteacher (Data, Examinations & Assessment)
Mr J Steadman Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 3 Leader)
Mrs S Ward Assistant Headteacher (Religious Education)
Mrs L Weller Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)
Mr R Payne Associate Assistant Headteacher
Extended Leadership Team
Mr M Ambrose Timetabling & Assessment
Mrs K Bartholomew Head of Performing Arts & Data Protection Officer
Mrs R Giles Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Teaching & Learning Team
Mrs L Weller Head of Teaching & Learning
Mrs K Baker Teaching & Learning Leader
Mrs N Ball Teaching & Learning Leader
Mrs S Hayden Teaching & Learning Leader & Head of Social Sciences
Mrs R Steadman Teaching & Learning Leader
Year Leaders  
Mr E Sumner Year 7 -
Mr S Khan Year 8 -
Mr S Magee Year 9 -
Mr M Murray Year 10 -
Miss K Munns Year 11 -
Mrs M Smith Years 12/13 -
Mrs A Stone Subject Leader -
Mr A Buggs 2nd in Department/Lead Teacher in Photography
Ms M Johnson  
Mr J Steadman  
Mr S Warwick  
Mrs D Lal Art and Design Technician
Mr J Karnovski Subject Leader -
Ms M Noor  
Mrs D Donkor  
Mrs S Gibbons Subject Leader of Dance & Drama -
Miss C Comiskey  
Mrs R Steadman  
Mrs C Bishop Co-Subject Leader -
Mrs L Metsaranta Co-Subject Leader -
Miss P Adamek  
Mrs E Chambers  
Miss A Craggs  
Mrs J Gladwell  
Miss E Harwood  
Mr H Howes-Watson  
Mrs R Giles  
Mr T Self  
Food Technology   
Mrs H Oatley Co-Subject Leader -
Miss S Gosling Co-Subject Leader -
Mrs S Matthews Food Technology Technician
Mr B Thilthorpe Subject Leader -
Miss K Cole 2nd in Department
Mr M O'Shea  
Mr E Sumner  
Health and Social Care   
Miss E Bond Subject Leader -
Mrs L Ainscow  
Miss C Burton  
Mrs M Smith  
History & Government & Politics
Mr C Murphy Subject Leader History -
Mr D Zeqiri Head of Politics -
Miss L Babutsali  
Mr S Khan  
Mr S Lam  
Miss J Slingsby  
Mr B Smith  
Mr J Parker Associate Head of Computing
Mr M Murray  
Mr G Osborn  
Ms K Tantony  
Mr R Connell Subject Leader -
Mr S Abaka-Acquah 2nd in Department
Mrs S Taylor Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator
Mr S Atkinson  
Miss M Bailey  
Mr M Barron  
Mrs S Burns  
Ms G Du Toit  
Mrs J Fenton  
Mr A Gill  
Mr K Humayun  
Mr M Murray  
Miss V Naganathan  
Mr Q Smith  
Mr D Walton  
Modern Foreign Languages  
Miss J Sanchez Subject Leader -
Miss Y Pizza  
Mr S Farrelly Subject Leader -
Mrs K Bartholomew  
Physical Education  
Mr R Kyle Subject Leader -
Mr S Ward 2nd in Department
Mr S Dale  
Miss K Munns  
Mr A Rowlinson  
Miss H Thomson  
Mrs L Weller  
Mrs S Hayden Subject Leader -
Mrs O Collins  
Mrs O Kelham  
Religious Education/Philosophy  
Mrs S Ward Subject Leader -
Mr F Juma 2nd in Department
Miss L Cutting  
Miss K Hopper  
Miss E Marchant  
Mr P O'Connell  
Miss C Ratcliffe  
Mrs A Elia Subject Leader -
Mrs S Comerford 2nd in Department
Mrs C Heap KS3 Co-ordinator
Miss N Ball  
Mrs C Bridge  
Mr A Choudhury  
Miss C Fisher  
Mrs K Green  
Ms J Nair  
Miss H Nasim  
Mrs A Stawiarska  
Mr G Sutton  
Mr L Sutton  
Miss S Walker  
Mrs H Miller   Laboratory Technician
Mr J Campillo Laboratory Technician
Mrs I Sieradzka  
Mrs E Kirby Subject Leader -
Mr M Ambrose  
Mr J Ambrose      Technician
Mr S Atkinson  
Miss S Budd  
Mr S Magee  
Mr R Payne  
Mr P Coode Subject Leader -
Mrs H Burgess  
Mrs A Ong  
Mrs L Slamkova
Support Staff  
Administration  Staff  
Mrs E Brooker Welfare Support Officer
Mrs K Browne School Finance Manager
Mrs A Chambers 6th Form Admin support
Mrs P Butler Welfare Support/Child in Care Co-ordinator
Mr G Green Data Assistant
Mr K Humayun Data Manager
Mrs N Hussain Finance Assistant
Mrs J Jay HR Administrator/PA to Headteacher
Mrs A Mackinlay Finance Assistant
Mrs L O’Neill School Operations Manager
Mrs D Prior School Exams Officer
Mrs L King Clerk to the Governors
Attendance/Reception Team
Mrs J Abbott Family Liaison & Administration Officer
Mrs A Day Lead Receptionist
Mrs J Clark Receptionist
Chaplaincy Team  
Deacon M Knight Chaplain
Mrs S Gibbons Assistant Chaplain
Cover Team  
Mr G Thompson Cover Manager
Mr N Bains Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Bushell Cover Supervisor
Ms A Onadeko Cover Supervisor
Learning Support Team  
Ms M Gaade Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Greaves Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Morel Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Munday Return to Learn/Care Plan Co-ordinator
Mrs J Pickles Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Rai Learning Support Assistant
Miss J Rybicka Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Thompson Return to Learn/Care Plan Co-ordinator
Mrs N Turner Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Vidler Learning Support Assistant
Miss L Eastwood Learning Support Apprentice
Pastoral Team  
Miss J Styles Year 7
Mrs L Hodges Year 8 / Admissions Officer
Mrs L Buckingham Year 9
Mrs H Rooke Year 10
Mrs J Murray Year 11
Mrs J Murray/Mrs H Rooke Careers Co-ordinators
Technical Team  
Mr R Kendrick Senior Network Engineer
Mr W Prior Senior Network Engineer
Mr A Carfora IT Technician