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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

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Staff List

 For specific enquiries, please contact the appropriate Year Leader or Department Leader via their email address, as listed below.

For all other enquiries please email the office at:

School Headship Team

Mr M Barron Headteacher
Mr D Walton Associate Headteacher
Senior Leadership Team  
Mrs O Kelham Senior Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding & Child Protection)
Mr J Steadman Senior Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)
Mr S Atkinson Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 4 Leader)
Mr S Khan Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 3 Leader)
Mr A Rowlinson Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 5 Leader)
Mr B Smith  
Assistant Headteacher (Data, Examinations & Assessment)
Mrs L Weller Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)
Mr R Payne Associate Assistant Headteacher
Extended Leadership Team
Mr M Ambrose Timetabling & Assessment
Mrs K Bartholomew Head of Performing Arts & Data Protection Officer
Miss C Burton Director of Vocational Studies
Mrs R Giles Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Teaching & Learning Team
Mrs L Weller Head of Teaching & Learning
Miss P Adamek Teaching & Learning Leader
Mrs K Baker Teaching & Learning Leader
Mrs N Ball Teaching & Learning Leader
Mrs S Hayden Teaching & Learning Leader
Mrs C Heap Teaching & Learning Leader
Mrs R Steadman Teaching & Learning Leader
Year Leaders  
Mr E Sumner Year 7 -
Mr S Magee Year 8 -
Mr M Murray Year 9 -
Mr S Dale Year 10 -
Miss K Munns Year 11 -
Mrs M Smith Years 12/13 -
Mr T Self Deputy 12/13 Year Leader -
Mrs A Stone Subject Leader -
Mr A Buggs 2nd in Department/Lead Teacher in Photography
Mrs L Gabriel  
Ms M Johnson  
Mr J Steadman  
Mr S Warwick  
Mrs D Lal Art and Design Technician
Mr J Karnovski Subject Leader -
Mrs D Donkor  
Mrs S Gibbons Subject Leader -
Miss C Comiskey  
Miss A Hafner  
Mrs R Steadman  
Mrs C Bishop Co-Subject Leader -
Mrs L Metsaranta Co-Subject Leader -
Miss P Adamek  
Mr D Dunham  
Mrs J Gladwell  
Mrs R Giles  
Miss E Harwood 2nd in Department
Mrs A Khan  
Miss S Mohammed  
Mr T Self  
Miss E Watt  
Food Technology   
Miss S Gosling Co-Subject Leader -
Mrs S Matthews  
Mr B Thilthorpe Subject Leader -
Miss K Cole 2nd in Department
Ms K Martin  
Mr E Sumner  
Health and Social Care   
Miss E Bond Subject Leader -
Miss C Burton  
Mrs J Gallard  
Mrs M Smith  
History & Government & Politics
Ms J Slingsby Subject Leader -
Miss L Babutsali 2nd in Department
Mr S Khan  
Mr S Lam  
Mr B Smith  
Miss A Tough Head of Computing -
Mr J Parker Systems Software Developer
Ms K Tantony  
Mr S Abaka-Acquah Subject Leader -
Mr R Connell Lead Teacher
Mrs S Taylor Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator
Mr S Atkinson  
Miss M Bailey  
Mr M Barron  
Mrs J Fenton  
Mr K Humayun  
Mrs E MacLeod  
Mr M Murray  
Miss V Naganathan  
Mr Q Smith  
Mr D Walton  
Modern Foreign Languages  
Miss J Sanchez Subject Leader -
Mrs D Jackson  
Miss Y Pizza Acting Head of Department -
Mr S Farrelly Subject Leader -
Mrs K Bartholomew  
Physical Education  
Mr R Kyle Subject Leader -
Mr S Dale 2nd in Department
Mr S Ward  
Miss H Hawes  
Miss K Munns  
Mr A Rowlinson  
Miss H Thomson  
Mrs L Weller  
Mrs S Hayden Head of Social Sciences -
Mrs O Collins  
Mrs O Kelham  
Religious Education/Philosophy  
Mrs K Baker Subject Leader -
Mr F Juma 2nd in Department
Ms J Alexander  
Ms L Cavender-Bruce  
Miss L Cutting  
Mr K O'Brien  
Miss C Ratcliffe  
Mrs M White  
Mrs A Elia Subject Leader -
Mrs S Comerford 2nd in Department
Mrs C Heap KS3 Co-ordinator
Ms W Alfah  
Miss N Ball  
Mr A Choudhury  
Mrs K Green  
Miss H Nasim  
Mrs A Stawiarska  
Mr G Sutton  
Mr L Sutton  
Miss S Walker  
Mrs H Miller   Laboratory Technician
Mrs I Sieradzka Laboratory Technician
Mrs C Thiruchelvam Laboratory Technician
Mr M Ambrose  
Mr J Ambrose       
Mr S Atkinson  
Miss S Budd  
Mr S Magee  
Mr R Payne  
Miss S Sharp Technician
Mr P Coode Subject Leader -
Mrs H Burgess  
Mrs A Ong  
Mrs L Slamkova
Support Staff  
Administration  Staff  
Mr M Athikesavan Operations Support Officer
Mrs E Brooker Welfare Support Officer
Mrs K Browne Finance Manager
Mrs A Chambers 6th Form Admin Support
Miss M Garcia Data Administrator
Mr G Green Data Assistant
Mrs N Hussain Finance Assistant
Mrs J Jay HR Administrator/PA to Headteacher
Mrs A Kucherenko Exams Officer
Mrs A Mackinlay Finance Assistant
Mrs L O’Neill Operations Manager
Attendance/Reception Team
Mrs J Abbott Family Liaison & Administration Officer
Mrs A Day Lead Receptionist
Miss M Gaade Receptionist
Chaplaincy Team  
Mrs S Gibbons Chaplain
Cover Team  
Mr N Bains Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Bushell Cover Supervisor
Mr C Johns Cover Supervisor
Miss A Hafner Cover Supervisor
Learning Support Team  
Miss T Ficchi SEND Manager
Miss K Gallard Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Greaves Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Morel Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Munday Return to Learn/Care Plan Co-ordinator
Mrs K O'Sullivan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Pickles Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Rai Learning Support Assistant
Miss J Rybicka Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Thompson Return to Learn/Care Plan Co-ordinator
Mrs N Turner Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Vidler Learning Support Assistant
Pastoral Team  
Mrs L Hodges Year 7 / Admissions Officer
Mrs L Buckingham Year 8 
Mrs H Rooke Year 9
Ms G Ebose Year 10
Miss J Scott Year 11
Miss L Thomas Sixth Form
Mrs H Rooke Careers Co-ordinators
Technical Team  
Mr H Ozley Senior Network Manager
Mr R Kendrick Senior IT Technician
Mr A Carfora IT Technician