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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Student Testimonies

On this page we have collected a few statements from our students. They, not long ago, made the same leap as you. They will be in the best position to offer advice about how to tackle the change from primary to secondary. I am sure when you join us in September, many of them will be able to help guide you around the school.

Mark B – Year 7

“Moving to secondary school can be hard and you may be anxious and worried about moving to a different school, but I can confidently assure you that you have nothing to fear. When I moved into this school, I was unsure of what to do or where to go, but you can easily learn how everything works.

When I moved into the comprehensive, some of my friends went to different schools, but I made new friends easily and kept in touch with my friends from primary. I settled into this wonderful school and I hope the new year 7s do as well.”

Honey C – Year 7

“Year 7 has been the most exciting and strangest year ever! I have made the most amazing friends ever. St. John’s is very good for many reasons. If you are feeling anxious, just speak to someone like your teachers or friends. When I and many others started, we felt scared but excited as well, because we knew it was going to be a new experience. We adjusted to our surroundings very quickly. They have large classrooms for lots of different lessons such as, Dance, Drama, Art and Food Tech!”

Isabel M – Year 7

“Welcome to Year 7! I understand due to the coronavirus you have not been able to have the full experience of the school, so you may be quite nervous. I went to St John’s Primary School, so I was already familiar with the secondary school; however, I was still scared as the school was a lot bigger and there were a lot of bigger kids. I really did not need to worry as the older children were so welcoming and helpful and nice. I was able to ask some of them how to get to lessons.

My form tutor was helpful, and Teachers will give you good comments for being resilient, putting your hand up in class, trying your best in class, completing good homework and for trying your best. For homework we have a system called Satchel One, which really helps to keep your homework organised. I tried some after school clubs and love dance, I became the first Year 7 to get into the school’s dance company and I went to Belgium to perform.

The food is also tasty and a good price.

Good luck new year 7s!”

Connor B – Year 7

Moving to a new school can be difficult but trust me there is nothing to be worried about, as when I came to this school I knew only the people that came from my primary. However, I soon got to know everyone from my class and most of Year 7 and even a few Year 8s. I still manage to keep in touch with my friends from primary school and play games.

I wish for the new year 7s to have a great start at St. Johns and remember to stay safe and have a lot of fun.”

Molly S – Year 7

“The time I got to spend in Year 7 was fun. All the teachers are really kind and give you directions around the school; it can be a bit daunting at first, but you soon learn where everything is. The first week there was barely any homework, and you got to know the people in your form and classes; you would also get a lot of good comments at the start of the year and prizes are given out for different reasons. There are lots of after-school clubs such as football, gymnastics, drama, music, homework, and lots more. I tried out for the gymnastics squad with some of my friends and I was really happy to make the squad. I got to compete in many different competitions including the Nationals at Stoke-on-Trent.  Although Year 7 did not last very long I still had a great time and I can’t wait to see my friends again and start Year 8.”

Max E – Year 7

Year 7 at comprehensive has been much better than I expected. At first, the school seemed really big, but it didn't take long to find my way around. I really like the independence I get, especially at break and lunch time. The food is much better than primary too! It is nice not to be stuck in the same room every day and having different subject teachers. You get set homework on an app which is good because it helps you remember what you need to do. If I had to give a tip to a new Year 7 it would be not to worry about asking a teacher or another pupil for help. Everyone is really nice and will be happy to help. My experience so far at St John’s has been pretty good. On my first day, everyone was nice and I have made lots of great friends. Teachers and other students were very helpful and they helped me find my way around school in the best possible way. I will never forget the exciting lessons we had in the first week which made me feel at ease and settle in more easily. At St John’s, there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities that you can engage in such as netball, dance, football, drama etc. My favourite is drama and I always look forward to each session. From day 1, every student gets placed in any of the 3 houses we have. I am in St Clare and I enjoy getting competitive with the other houses.

If you are thinking of coming to St John’s, please do! It’s an amazing school!”

Joseph G – Year 7

“Hello, my name is Joseph. I am writing this to share my Year 7 experience with you. My first reaction to St John’s was unexpected, I was first worried about making new friends and expressing myself; however, I did not need to worry. During our first week, teachers brought pupils into a room to learn stuff about each other. I think that was an amazing idea because my friendships were sparked off by that activity, as they also were for many others too. The amazing staff help you learn quickly; they make you feel as comfortable as possible as you learn (they only get cross if you misbehave!) If you are feeling low or you do not feel yourself, you can go and speak to pastoral. Pastoral is an office where the Head of Year, Pastoral Manager and Deputy Head of the Year are based. They are there to reassure you and make you feel safe as possible. The school is big but there is no need to worry, you will know your way around within a few days or a week. If you do not want to speak to pastoral, you can go to the chapel to speak to our Deacon and Chaplain. They have helped many children build their confidence in Year 7 and so has the pastoral team. I could go on for hours about how good the school is, I wish you an amazing start to Year 7!”

Izabel H – Year 7

“When I first came to St. John’s, I was scared I would mess up really bad, get to class late and forget where my classes were, but, after I figured out that it wasn't that bad and that it was really easy to get around, I wasn't scared anymore and I felt calm. I also had my friends, who were always there when I needed them, and I was there for them. Eventually I made new friends and now I am proud that I have made new friends and how far I have come since the beginning of the year.

What I like about St. John’s is that all the teachers are so kind and helpful to you and that they are always there if you need them. Most of the time the teachers make the work fun and some of the time you can talk to your partners. In Science, we do some pretty cool experiments, some of them are a bit gross but some are really cool.”

Megan M – Year 7

“My experience in Year 7 is a really good one. I was not scared at all but was worried about making new friends. However, now I realise that I had nothing to worry about as everyone, including the teachers, are so nice, welcoming, and helpful.

My advice to new Year 7 is for them not to be scared and just be themselves, follow the school rules: Ready, respect and Safe! Good luck.”