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Bridging Work

St John's Welcomes You to Year 12!

I hope you are all looking forward to a brand-new challenge as you enter the next phase of your education and start Level 3 work. Due to the pandemic and the restrictions still surrounding the organisation of group events, we have unfortunately had to cancel our planned taster day on July 13th. We are very disappointed that this cannot go ahead as we were very much looking forward to welcoming you into the sixth form and enabling you to experience Level 3 study and life in Key Stage 5. 

In place of our taster day, we are introducing subject information pages on our sixth form website which will enable you to find out more about the subjects you are interested in. You will also be able to experience lesson content and subject expectations by completing any tasks set in advance of you starting the course in September.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get a head start on the courses you are selecting for your sixth form studies. The courses you choose are for the duration of two years, so you need to ensure you select subjects you not only enjoy but those you are academically able to achieve in as well.   

Subject Leaders across the school have prepared some fantastic resources for you to be able to make a start on your level 3 studies in preparation for September. We strongly recommend you download the content of three subjects you are looking to study and complete all the work set so that you are fully prepared for the leap from KS4 to KS5. Please also ensure you check that the three subjects you choose fall into different option blocks (this can be found in the entry requirements ad on the link below). You can only choose one subject from each block. Also make sure you check the entry requirements for each course, as this will inform you of which subjects to complete the work for in preparation for study. The links below will enable you to check the entry requirements and review the topics/course content in each subject that you are looking to undertake. 

Sixth Form Options and Entry Requirements

A-Level Course Directory

BTEC Course Directory

Year 12 Option Blocks

Please note that you will need to meet the relevant entrance requirements to study any given course next academic year. When you enrol, you will not be able to select subjects where you do not meet the respective entry requirements.  I would therefore suggest maybe having a look at other subjects if you are still indecisive about what you wish to study, as this may help you to make an informed decision and offer an alternative if are not able to study a subject due to not meeting the entry requirements. You should find the specific subject teacher email addresses attached to each subject area, so you can request feedback or seek answers to queries directly if you have them. We advise you complete all the work set by each of the subjects you are interested in studying so that you are in a strong position to start your level 3 courses when we return. 

Enrolment information 

As you are aware, students will receive their GCSE results on Thursday 12th August. Students will then be able to enrol online using ‘Admissions plus’, and will be sent an email inviting them to enrol. Students should choose the subjects they meet the entry requirements for and ensure they complete any tasks and assessments for these subjects in advance of starting in September, taking note of any deadlines given. 

Please note: students will be unable to select subjects they do not meet the entry requirements for and should request a call from the KS5 team if they wish to discuss their options. Enrolment will take place from 12th August until 13th August and further details will be made available nearer the time. 

All Year 12 students will have induction sessions when they return to school in September and further information on these will be made available following enrolment. 

If you have any further queries regarding the sixth form, then please do not hesitate to contact one of the KS5 Pastoral team. - Mrs Smith (Head of Year 12 and 13) - Miss Burton (Assistant Head of Year 12 and 13) - Mr Cadwallader (6th Form Pastoral Manager) - Mrs Chambers (6th Form Attendance Manager) 

We hope you and your families are all remaining well, and we look forward to seeing you as soon as possible! 

Stay safe, 

The St John’s KS5 Team.