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St John’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Young Women Dress Code

Young women in our Sixth Form must wear one the of the following for school every day:

  • A blazer jacket/suit jacket which includes a collar (colour can be students’ choice) MUST be worn everyday unless advised by the Head Teacher during the summer months.
  • A trouser suit with a blouse (jeans and leggings are not acceptable)
  • A tailored skirt with a blouse and suit jacket.
  • A dress that is appropriate for ‘office wear’ with a jacket.
  • Leather or synthetic leather shoes/boots with a heel of no more than 5 cm/2 inches (no trainers or Converse, deck shoes)




Any clothing should not expose or make visible:

  • Mid-riffs
  • Shoulders (‘sleeveless’ garments are permitted as per photographs)

Young women should also note the following:

  • Tops and blouses must not be ‘low cut’
  • Skirts must be knee-length
  • Trainers, canvas style shoes (e.g. Converse) or other forms of casual shoes are not acceptable for school.

Young women in our Sixth Form must have hair that is a single, natural occurring, colour. Any ‘highlights’ will be subtle and not contrasting.

Examples of unacceptable hair colouring below:

Example of accetable hair colouring:

Young women in our Sixth Form are permitted to wear a pair of studs with regards to ear piercings. A discreet (and at the discretion of the form tutor and Head of Year) nasal piercing is permitted in a single nostril. Nasal septum piercings are not permitted.

  • Clear plastic ‘retainers’ must be worn in place of any existing piercings.
  • Ear ‘spacers’ or solid ‘retainers’ for ‘spaced’ ear lobes are not acceptable.
  • Visible body piercings or ‘skin divers’ are not acceptable.

Examples of unacceptable piercings:

Examples of acceptable piercings:


NOTE: In terms of both young men and women, no periods of ‘grace’ will be granted in terms of having to wear jewellery for a fixed period of time after any new visible piercings are obtained. Only clear ‘retainers’ will be allowed. If students are planning to get a piercing, they should carefully consider the timing of this choice to avoid potentially wasting their money and/or disrupting their education.
Without exception tattoos should not be visible at school and must be covered up completely by clothing.

  • Any form of headwear, coats and scarfs are not permitted to be worn in the school building at any time.